3 Natural Ways To Rid Your Home Of Roaches

3 natural ways to rid your home of roaches is clear but complicated.

BURN IT DOWN!!! Just kidding..no really!


I have never been one to live nasty or leave food lying around. Nothing of that nature. So how is it my house once had roaches you may ask?


My mother. Dun dun dun..Ques that spooky music.

When my father passed away 4 years ago I let my mom move in with me. I knew they had a pest problem and yet I only asked her not to bring any electronics into my house. Within a month of living with me, she did. UGH. So when one reared its ugly face I killed it.. But It was entirely too late. It had already dropped a sack and where no one could see it.

Did you know an entirely nasty roach fact is that


  • The American cockroach lays about 16 eggs in one case.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches will produce about 10 to 18 eggs per case.
  • The Oriental cockroach lays about 16 eggs in a case just like the American cockroach.
  • German roaches, are the worst of them all, and lays up to 50 eggs in one egg sac.

So that is potentially 50 baby roaches every few days. Can you imagine how quick you can be overrun by roaches? Ewe.

So first of all you want to make sure you have any dirty dishes cleaned and no leftover food lying around. That is definitely the very 1st thing you want to do. Also make absolutely sure there are no dead roach caucuses lying around. THEY EAT THEIR ROTTEN BUDDIES.

Number 1 Way to rid your home of roaches is BORAX.


The end all be all of natural mineral compounds to use. Borax is also called sodium borate. It is a naturally occurring mineral that can often be found in dry lake beds and other natural deposit sites. People have been using it for various purposes including soap and detergent since before the 1900s. It is safe to use but not ingested. When you use this powder you need to line the back of your counter tops and inside of areas the roach would essentially drop their eggs. If you place it in an area the eggs drop, then you are stopping them from hatching because even once they hatch, the babies will be covered in borax and they will die before they can mature and continue the cycle.

This will also kill the adult roaches as well because when they walk through this powder they will clean themselves and they can not digest it so they die, Then other roaches will find their body and feast on them (because they are cannibals) TIP: Do not put a thick layer down because they will just crawl around it.




It is as potent and is possibly safer to use.

People have been using this on the furniture, carpets and even on their pets for flea and tick control. So if it works on those pests, why not be able to rid your home of nasty roaches with this as well?

This is a naturally forming type of powder. It is made from the sediment of fossilized algae found in bodies of water.  Then dried and crushed into a fine powder that looks a lot like flour.

It is abrasive to the touch which is why it works very well for removing the threat of pests such as roaches, fleas and any soft-bodied insect.

Last but not at the very least is


#3 Pest Control


Now you see, I decided to mention this as a last resort because most of you are probably here trying to keep from having to spend a huge chunk of change out-of-pocket. Sometimes pest control is your only option if you are looking for a fast approach. While borax and diatomaceous earth are mostly people and pet friendly, they work slowly.

When I say slow…I mean slow.

I was hard-headed and never would spend a whole bunch of money.  It literally took me 3 years to rid my home of roaches, so if I were you I would call around and get some quotes and ask your local pest control specialist if they have any natural approaches to begin with.

I am not affiliated with any business that handles pest control so please take what I say as experience, not a professional opinion. Full disclaimer here.

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