3 Ways To Access A Computer

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Here’s 3 ways to access a computer that I know of you can try when yours has completely bit the dust.

If you are stuck as a work from home mom or dad, and your computer just bombed out, kicked the bucket, fried like beans…. There is hope, and possibly for free!

 Now I can’t tell you how to get your information back other than calling your pc support team. They can be of assistance.

 What I can say is there are 3 ways to access a computer I know to get free or low cost internet/computer usage.


 1. Fed Ex :

If you have a local FedEx Office you can rent for a small fee and you will have access to many different platforms.

  • Microsoft® Office 2010 Professional Plus: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher
  • Adobe® CS3 Suite: Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker and InDesign Internet software: Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 8
  • Chat software: AIM, MSN and Yahoo!
  • And more

FedEx is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They give access to computer rental workstations to: Create, edit and print black & white or color documents Browse the internet Scan documents Update your résumé Or just check your email.


 For bloggers especially this is a huge benefit.


 2. Local libraries:

 Your local library almost always has a computer free to use. It gives you access to the internet where you can use to get on websites that are labelled as safe. You are also in the library so take advantage of the books and maybe check out something for self-development to read on your off time since your computer has went kaput at home. Things the library usually has to offer

  •  Free internet access
  •  Digital archives Book reading/Storytime
  •  Free library card Printing and copying
  •  Meeting and study rooms Adult and child activities


 3. Internet Cafe:

These places not only give you internet access, but if you don’t own a computer, or yours has become one with the unknown, you can rent one to use in the cafe to study or work as needed. The best things about using the internet cafe local to you is:

  •  They make sure to protect your information.
  •  Small one time fee or even a monthly use. I’d suggest you call ahead.
  •  Commingle with other people and create relationships.
  •  You are getting out of the house!!

 So I have explained just 3 ways of getting a computer to use for your business purposes (yes there are more).

It is time for you to get off your butt and get to work. I know by experience that when you are trying to write a post, catch up on business emails, and your computer has died it can be a pain in the butt. So here are some ideas to keep you in business. Let’s hope you can get yours fixed soon.Being out of commision long period of time can hurt, but you can still get some things done. I know I was going crazy when my computer was out of commission. I hope this helps.



 By the way I know it isn’t a computer in the traditional sense but don’t forget your cell phone, I mean there are so many things your cell phone can do these days.

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