6 Ways Of Trick Or Treating For Halloween

        Trick or treating, is it for you?


There are a ton of things you can do for Halloween to get more of that good ole cavity creating, tooth rotting, sugary mess. This sounds like an anti candy post huh?

Actually I love Halloween. It is 100% my most favorite holiday ever. Not just because I am Wiccan, but yes that may have a little bit to do with it. “Insert witch cackle” But I love the dressing up in costume. I love the tradition of taking my kiddos to trick or treat and then to the park to try out their candy and run off that sugar high.

So here are 6 things I have done over the years that you could do too. So here goes.


1. We all know that if they are under the age of 3 trick or treating is more for the parents. There isn’t much candy a parent is willing to give the child nor can a child actually eat. So buy you and 8 dollar bag of mixed candy and stay home. 8 bucks is probably saving you on gas money anyways. Grab your sweet baby a costume and take pictures for that first year.

2. Go downtown! Like seriously most towns have trick or treating for kids as a safe way to trick or treat during daylight hours. I don’t even go to the town I currently live but I take my kids to my hometown which is the next small town over. Then as I mentioned above I take them to the same park my parents took me as a kid.


3. Take them to church! My oldest two go with their grandparents to church so they have a church that does fun activities for Halloween. They have little kiddie fair like games that when they win, they get spider rings, pencils,whistles, and other junk that breaks in less than a day. The kids love it!


4. Trunk or treat! This is in my opinion of the lazy mans trick or treating fun. You have multiple cars in a parking lot full of Halloween candy for kids to dive in. Not literally diving in but you get the idea. Adults full their trunks with candy as a safe alternative to trick or treating.


5. Go trick or treating! The real trick or treating. Most towns have a 5-9 pm curfew and you can usually look it up on your towns website or the news paper. Make sure you are within the laws of your town. It’s colder at night so pick a costume that is warm enough for your children so they don’t catch their death on Halloween.


6. Visit another town! While this is a spill-off from number 2 (no pun intended), you can visit another town the same day and kind of do a child’s version of bar hopping ha ha, city hop. Go to one town and take your kids downtown to trick or treat and then take your kids to the next town over for more.


While I do not take my kids trick or treating in more than one place( cause to me half a bucket is more than enough), I know that some parents do. Trick or treat!! Where is my free candy? ha ha

Have yourself a happy and safe Halloween

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