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about me

about me



                                           So we are at the About me page, where I have to be transparent.


Fertility has always been an issue of mine. I went through countless nights of crying myself to sleep because being only 19 years old, no doctor wanted to help me. I was a young, otherwise healthy female too young to start a family most people said.


This blog was started to help women like myself who are wanting children, but don’t know nothing about fertility. I learned a lot through countless hours of research and trial and error. My husband and I had to learn so much through my miscarriages, and I had to be in charge of my own health. this is why I am here.

So I want to save you the heartache of losing pregnancies and hopefully teach you a few things I’ve learned about on my journey.









I love the beach and everything to do with the sea. It is great for your mental health.

I am a graduate of Business Of Photography through New York Institute Of Photography. Here I am currently working on Placenta Encapsulation, and becoming a doula. Then possibly becoming a midwife. Can not be too sure on that yet.

Therefore I want to give you a laughing good time. Learning about your body, and anything else you may find to be of interest should be fun. This is my journey of many interests and life experiences, I hope to help others. I am a photography hobbyist. Hoping someday I can be a birth photographer/doula.

My “religion” is wiccan, but that should not solely be what people think of me. I am an Earth worshiper. There may not be the Christian religion in this blog, but we have the same core values. We need to take care of one another and our Mother Earth. We are bringing up our children into a world we have to take care of. This is where we have to teach them to take care of too.

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