Are Your Devices Hurting You?

You ask yourself this huge question about  your devices.

Are your devices hurting you?

Ouch! That is a loaded question, isn’t it?

Well, in a way yes and no.
Confusing huh?
Well, that’s because there is no concrete answer to this loaded question.

You see, devices aren’t bad alone. How you use them is where the answer
begins to develop.

addiction, devices, in floor with tablets

Do you spend the majority of your day consumed in a screen?
Are your house chores not getting done? Do your kids wonder if you even exist?
Yes that last one is a very serious question and it is common sense that you
will know that the answer to that question would be you need to change.

Ok, so let’s hypothetically say you answered yes to even just one of the questions above.

Then you have an addiction.
Yes you can be addicted to screens.

So here’s the deal. It is worse for children than it is for adults, however it is a huge addiction issue with adults.
1 hour of screen time a day max on devices is recommended for kids under 18.
It has shown to decrease Melatonin levels. Melatonin is a natural hormone your body releases
To help regulate your sleep patterns. Do you have insomnia? This is probably why.

kid in front of tv

Did you know with 4 or more hours a day of screen time you are 80% more likely to die from heart disease? Now this isn’t just a standard thing here. It affects your diet and exercise. There are chemical markers in your brain that increases this change as well.

It changes the release of your dopamine. Dopamine is what controls your
Pleasure center. This means that when your brain can’t control your dopamine levels, you are more likely to become depressed and reliant on digital stimuli. The more you use social media and the more you play games, the more you need it to become satisfied. This is where you going down that downward spiral. You begin to need it to be happy.

texting, phone, device

As an adult you have this checklist:

Emotional Symptoms of Online Addiction
The following symptoms are typical of online addicts:
Feelings of guilt
Euphoric feelings when in front of the computer
Unable to keep schedules
No sense of time
Avoiding doing work

Physical Symptoms of Online Addiction
Consequently, these are the following symptoms are characteristic of someone who uses the computer for a very long period of time:

Weight gain or loss
Disturbances in sleep
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Blurred or strained vision

These are some but not all of the ailments that come along with device addiction. In adults is can damage relationships. For children it can cause developmental issues. However, if you take action now and reduce screen time for a certain time of day. You can change the health of yourself and/or someone you love.  woman typing on computer

Indeed it will be hard, but I know you can do it. Otherwise you will be stuck in the same rut you are in now.

Do it not only for your child, but for yourself. You and your family deserve o be functional and happy again. I have been there myself as I wrote this I realized I was having some of the same problems. (Check out this post)

First off, you should just start off with 10 minutes of just cutting your devices off.

Secondly, go for about an hour. Just work yourself up more and more.

Eventually you will get on a schedule and it can be added into your day after you have done what you needed to during the day.


For instance try to put your phone in another room. Therefore you aren’t inclined to pick it up and check it. Due to the fact “out of sight out of mind” applies here, you will otherwise have more time for your family. In turn, your depression will cease as a result of the change.

In transition you can see that with time you finally don’t feel naked without your phone.

Certainly you can see how this will be good for all relationships. Furthermore you will have happier family and friends. You can learn to be more social personally.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I have any formal training in the health field. For more information you can check out my full disclaimer here.

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