Basics of The Female Cycle.

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Here is where you get to learn a bit about the basics of the female cycle. Yaye YOU. Did you know there is only a 30% chance for a woman to get pregnant each month? What happens in your female cycle is determined by your hormones. Did you know most women actually can’t tell you when they are fertile? So how do you know when to try for a baby?

  1. Timing
  2. Ovulation kits
  3. Sex

First of all you need to know that day 1 of your female cycle is the first day of your period. The day you see red blood all day. 

The last day of your female cycle is the day prior to your next full bleed.

I am not going to sit here and say most women are fertile on cycle day 14 like the doctors do. I am not doctor nor have I had any formal training. But I have been through enough years of infertility to be told I couldn’t have a child. Then the miraculous happened. I took charge of my fertility and became my own advocate. Now I am a blessed mom of 4. (3 biologically)

You can ovulate ANY time of the month in your female cycle and that can be totally healthy or a warning sign from your body.

Your hormones play a huge part on when you will ovulate. And you have to have a luteal phase of at least 9 days minimum for the pregnancy to be viable. On average, it takes 14 days between ovulation and your next period. This is when your body is working overtime.

Your progesterone rises causing your uterine lining to thicken for the upcoming possibility of a pregnancy. This is what you are “bleeding” during your period when a pregnancy doesn’t occur. The lining is often in the larger clots that you pass.

When you ovulate, your progesterone will increase. This is what keeps you from shedding that lining when becoming pregnant. 

If you do not get pregnant after ovulation, your progesterone will continue to decrease so that your period can take place.

So now you know the basics of the female cycle.


I am not a doctor. Nor have had Any certified medical training, Check out my full disclaimer here.

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