Why is March Eye Donor Month?

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March is National Eye Donor Month.

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Being a donor. Kind of an odd thing for a blogger to talk about right? However it is an emotional thing for me to talk about. When my daddy died August of 2014, he was a registered donor. We had 5 days with him on life support to figure out how we could help others with his donations. His eyes were something that he was able to donate. Specifically the corneas.


So I’d like to go into detail about what it means to donate.

You know when you get an I.D Card, they ask you if you want to register to be an organ donor?

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It means that in the event of your death you can provide to someone in need.


  • Organs –  Lungs, Kidneys, Heart, ect…
  • Corneas – The clear part of the eye that covers the pupil.
  • Hands and Face – Self explanatory
  • Bone Marrow/Stem Cells/Cord Blood – Self explanatory.
  • Blood and Platelets
  • Tissues


But how do I donate?


Register with Donate Life

Let staff at the DMV know when you get your I.D or renew your driver’s license.

Let your family know.


I know when my dad died (clinically brain-dead), the hospital staff asked my mom if she was ok with the transplant team talking with us. We were ok with it because he was a registered donor and we wanted a positive ending to his death.

Even in your death you can be somebody’s hero.


Did you know that every 10 minutes a new person gets added to the donor waiting list?
22 people die every day in result of not getting a donor part in time.

You can potentially save 75 lives as a donor.


You can donate while you are alive too.
A kidney, a lung,a small part of  intestine, and even a portion of your liver or your pancreas.

Platelets and blood(plasma) is always a great donation as well. You are able to donate blood every 56 days and platelets every 4 weeks.

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Tissues such as heart valves to save lives of newborns with birth defects and adults with damages heart valves.

Skin is used to help those who have experienced serious burns and can even help stop infections.

Bone is used for those who have had bone removed due to an illness or injury, and cartilage for joint replacements as well.

Tendons are the elastic type of material in your body that attaches to your muscles and bones together. They help with the process of rebuilding damaged joints.

Hands and facial donations are tricky. Since 2005 only about 125 total transplants have been successfully completed worldwide.

Bone marrow is the soft tissue that’s found inside of our bones.

Stem cells can come from the placenta after you give birth to your child. You CAN donate the cord blood and I recommend it.

How did March become eye donor awareness month?
March 21st 1983 (crazy things is I started writing this two days ago on the 21st) President Ronald Reagan proclaimed March to be National Eye Donor Month. 

Are you a donor?


I am a donor. I literally registered at the DMV when I got my license because I knew my parents were donors. This is a very important factor for me. If my parents hadn’t been registered donors, I more than likely wouldn’t have considered it.

Because my dad was a donor, he saved lives. He enhanced lives. Than makes me feel proud.


I am curious though. Would you be willing to donate a lung, kidney, or part of your intestine to someone in need? What about a bone marrow transplant?

Even if you feel that you can;t be a live organ donor, would you donate blood or have you?
I would love to know your experience.sticker, blood drive, donor, donate, red, red cross,

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor medical professional, so do not use my information to diagnose or treat anyone. Please speak with a professional for more info. More on this here.






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