Fine Wine Rotted

Fine Wine Rotted it’s way into a bottle.

So here I am getting myself all excited and ready for my long anticipated bubble bath and red wine.  I make sure the wine is nice and cold, freshly iced and, breathing, just to take a sip, and in this case it was fine wine rotted. It was very bitter and foul as a result of being cheaply made.


I pop the cork and let it breathe, and find a nice wine glass that collects dust in my cabinet because in truth I am more of a spiritual(as in liquor) person myself. I’ll drink straight Vodka over Wine any day. But here I am paying 12 bucks for a bottle of wine just to pour it down the sink!

Yuck! First off it was a dry wine. Secondly it was bitter. It had absolutely no decadent flavorful experience like the label leads you to believe. The Color of the wine was beautiful and purplish red. There was a gorgeous deep thickness of hue. The taste was very undesirable and I wouldn’t buy this wine again. If you can change my mind on Wine testing please throw out some suggestions.

I do not like wine as a result of trying too many that just aren’t of decent quality.

On the other hand, I keep trying new wines in hopes that I can actually find one that really will knock my socks off and suit my tastes. So far only one will hit the spot for me.

In turn, that one is the only one I will drink.



I purchased this product to try out of curiosity. I am not affiliated with this company nor have received any monetary compensation. Apothic Dark RED BLEND is a young Californian Wine. 2014 is the year this one was made.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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