Homeschooling Again After Loss

Many times we start homeschooling off with a plan. It is all roses and rainbows, until it’s not.


I started with a planner. I had my visions and dreams.

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Even got the Kinders all excited because it was funschool. They loved doing preschool, however it was very relaxed. We would do 2


-3 days one week and skip 3 weeks. You can’t learn anything that way. But here we are.

So we get through the first 5 weeks of homeschooling unscathed from any illnesses or drama and BAM! Just like that the kids get colds. I would normally do school through that but my youngest kinder couldn’t focus nor stay away very long. So we took a week off as it was running its course through the entire plethora of kids I have. (only have 4 but feels like 100) Then we get hit with the death of my mom.



Oh man, the depression sinks in.


How do I even begin to live again? How do I go about my daily life doing the things I once did out of joy when all I am is a ticking time bomb? Is there a way to adjust and get back to normal daily activities? I need help. I feel like school is falling apart too.

So here’s the kicker. Read this carefully. IF YOU WERE WORKING FOR SOMEONE, WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO TAKE 3 WEEKS OFF? COULD YOU JUST LAY IN BED AND DO NOTHING? No you couldn’t. Don’t take this the wrong way but I don’t sugar coat anything. My mother just died but I am still a mother and I have a family of my own to take care of. My kids can’t starve to death because I am sad. That is stupid and irresponsible.


So first of all…

Get up early!
Grab a strong cup of coffee and rub your eyes. Let the caffeine sink in and gather your things for your day.


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Set a time limit to your school day. If you really don’t want to do any paperwork then by all means gather a tablet, laptop, or any electronic and download ABC mouse (not free, but you can get a free trial)  if they are 2nd grade or below. If not, discoveryk12 (free) is a good beginners site. (I am not endorsed or sponsored by these sites, I am just speaking on my experience with them)

homeschooling at the library
Homeschooling at the library.

After that…

Let them have at it. The homeschooling laws for my state are pretty lenient, so you may want to check out the laws for your state and adhere to them, but If you miss a few days make them up with a longer school year or mandatory weekends until you get yourself caught up. If you don’t want weekends, then break up the day to get more hours without the burnout. You can catch up on the actual classwork faster this way.


So as I mentioned above, we missed 3 weeks of school because my mom passed away. I normally have a very good schedule with my kinders. Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm. I do my homeschooling when my 2 y/o and 11 month old are napping. They don’t sleep for a full 3 hours but I want them down for a nap and my husband will take care of them as they wake.

I will be posting about my homeschooling schedule and what we do during the day soon, I promise.

What have you learned from this post? Do you have any tips to add?

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