Homestead Life Do’s And Don’ts

Do you ever feel life is just passing you by?

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Starting a homestead has been interesting. I have been feeling spread thin. I have also been working on a freebie for my blog the past 2 weeks, and I constantly feel like I am failing at it. Blogging is much harder than I expected it to be. It is way more than just writing a post and clicking share. It is time to catch up to the rest of the blog world and it is so new to me. I only have like 300 things going on in my day today and that’s life. Where do I even start? Ah yes. Once Upon A Time… Just kidding. My mind seriously is mush as I write this. Here I am writing the homestead life do’s and don’ts.

I am trying to figure out dinner for today as I am passing out from the lack of sleep. I am trying but I am failing. Oh forget it. I think it may be time to lay back and…just close my eyes.

Does this sound like you? Yeah I thought so. See in life we are always trying to schedule this and that. We are always trying to be in control of everything. Truth is, we’re not.

We need to take one day at a time, live life, and we will be happy and feel more accomplished.

We are in the midst of a home remodel and having some electrical work done as well. I have just gotten a chicken coop and now tending to 12..make that 11 chicks. 1 had to meet the hatchet due to severe compacted crop. I feel like that’s my fault. It is my first time ending the life of a baby anything. Adult chickens are a bit easier cause I know they are a food source, but babies are tender to my heart.


I feel that being a beginning blogger and homesteader at the same time is a bit overwhelming to me. My advice is to not try it all at once. Especially with 2 five-year olds, a 2-year-old, and a 4 month old baby.

I am in my first 2 real months of trying to make my blog work for more than just 2 readers and I am trying to live a bit more self sustainable with pushing myself into growing a fresh food garden. I knew that would be hard but with no tractor it proves to be a bit more challenging.

Homesteading Do

Make sure you are setting up a time to take care of the garden and animals. I know how well life can get in the way and if you are a full-time mom of the human zoo,but remember this is what you signed up for. You can take it on and it is ok to feel a bit overwhelmed. In fact, it is normal.


Homesteading Do



Prepare your entire family for this journey. You may have to go at this alone because the rest of the family may be a bit lazy. You have to accept this may be a possibility if you are going to homestead. If you do this alone, you will feel used up but you want to make sure you do not start resenting your family for the journey you decided to take alone. Remember the book the Big Red Hen?

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I currently own this book and love it. This is why I recommend this book. It is a great read for school aged children. You may have even read this book as a child. I know it taught me a lot.

Homestead Don’t


Don’t try to do too much at one time. It causes burn out and that will leave you to quitting all together.
You chose to take on this project because it means something to you and it will not be easy.

Taking on too much will mean something will go undone and likely it will be your favorite part of it since usually that is the easier of all the things you take on. example: making soap – you probably wont get paid for your soaps at first if you plan to sell them.


Homestead Don’t

Do not expect to make money right away. (this is if you are planning on  making a profit) You will want to make sure for at least a year that you will be planting and harvesting enough for your family to consume. You want to make sure when making soap, that it is enough for your family to use first.


Life is a challenge

It is getting better by the day. I have to step back and look at the beauty of what i am doing. I decided to homestead by being more self sustainable. I am a mom of 4 kids. Married happily and have a house that my husband and I busted our asses to pay for. I wont say we really live comfortably because with 4 kids and animals things get quite expensive. However it is getting easier and we are adjusting to it.

I am so glad you read thus far. I want to document my journey of this life and I hope you can learn something from me in the process as I learn.





So, put up those groceries and get to work doing what you want for a day. Have a cup of Joe. You won’t have to think about anything else for the evening. Have a great rest of your day.




DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional at anything, not even my life haha so please take what I say as non professional advice and check out my full disclosure policy here.

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