Its Just A Pyramid Scheme?

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It’s just another pyramid scheme.

I have heard this so many times it makes my head spin. When it comes to my livelihood I take offense to that statement, it is just another pyramid scheme. I have done so much research on a lot of other things in my life, so why would the company I am a part of BE any different?

Here’s the thing!¬†

Sometimes people mistaken multilevel marketing a pyramid scheme because of the last three boxes on the right (see above)

  1. Promises large earnings with little effort.
  2. Poor or nonexistent training.
  3. Often aggressive in its approach and may even use false information to make a sale. Deadlines that aren’t true to urge people to not think before they buy.
  4. NO tangible item to sell or receive.

So, there are some that may mingle together a bit but that is not necessarily the companies fault but so-called leaders playing telephone. The message gets lost in transition along the way, however a true Multilevel Marketing Business is not a pyramid scheme.

An actual pyramid scheme is illegal and it has no tangible item it sells. It is based on solely recruiting people to recruit more people, and that is how you get paid. Remember the mailing envelopes, and for each person sending you $25.00 you send them addresses to send more envelopes? That is a scam.


Dammit stop saying it! The words get old quick. I sell a product (lots actually). Provide many jobs, and I bust my ass for what I get paid. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it sucks.
It is really all in the effort that I put in.

How multilevel marketing businesses work is that they offer a product (or many) that helps solve a need such as weight loss, vitamins, makeup, ect… While you could only sell products to earn, you can also recruit people under you to earn additional income from their sales. They get their entire earnings but you get a percentage more for having them under you. You are never made to just recruit people to fill up some sort of list.


Pyramid  schemes usually sound way too good to be true. Well duh!! Oh and did I mention they are illegal? They are! MLM businesses are goal oriented and very hard work at times and easily can take over your outside job. Perfectly legal. They provide you with the opportunity to help others live better lives and give them hope in which they may have never had a feeling of hope before.


It is all about being consistent and believing in the opportunity.

You shouldn’t have to convince anyone to purchase anything from you. So if you ever feel the need to mass message people and give them false info to gain monetary benefit…. you may want to reevaluate your life because that’s not how my business works, Or any real MLM for that matter.

When you come up to me and have the audacity to say I run a scam, that is when you are barking at the wrong woman, cause I will knock you back off that pedestal you think high up on. How about stop looking down your nose at people who work hard? Or maybe you can take some notes on what the MLM businesses actually represent. Hope.

Special thanks to James Lout for providing me with the reason to make this post.

Disclaimer: I am not financially obligated to write this post and I wrote this as purely educational. I have no background in finances nor medical. Full disclosure here.


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