Mommy’s Just Too Busy Today

handcuffed to tech addiction

Those gut wrenching words.

Mommy are you too busy again today?


I wish you could spend time with me mommy, but you’re too busy. It made my heart sink into the uttermost pits of my stomach. The tears
welled up into the creases of my eyes. I had been so busy lately that I was lost for words. I felt so lost and
didn’t know what to say back to my eldest. She slowly walks off and mutters to her little sister: come on, mommy is too busy. So I cut off my phone, shut down my computer, and I sat in the floor and played little people. My little girls will eventually be to busy themselves and will not want to
spend time with mommy anymore.

My little girl with her toys.

How could I have gotten so involved in my devices? Where has the time gone? I am always working at something and my mind is always filled with projects. When do my kids get mommy time? Truth is, they haven’t lately. More about that here. I feel like a failed parent. Where do I start? Where do I go from here? I have no idea but I am going to figure it out. My blog has been my new baby because it is the equivalent of being a first time mom. I am new at this. I am confused, so I have been spending all my time with it trying to make sure I get it right, and in the process I have lost who I am as a parent.

Little people in their big world of toys. They are lost in the infinite structure of toy land.

How do blogger moms do this?

My kids don’t take naps so there’s that. They require me for most everything they need and do.
I see mompreneurs doing so well financially. I see their happy and perfect families.
What I don’t see is the behind the scenes. So behind closed doors is it a perfect and stress
free life?


Why am I worrying myself over the fact that I am just getting started and I will
Find a way to get a schedule going for my family.
Just as it takes effort learning to be a new mom and babies don’t come with instructions
,blogging isn’t that much different. You have to learn as you go and it takes time.
I feel much better after playing in the floor with my kids and I am sure they do too.

Even if it isn’t but 30 minutes at a time, they will appreciate it, and sometimes
It is all it takes to make them happy.

handcuffed to tech addiction

Devices aren’t evil or bad. The content on them can be very addictive though. You can get busy and become lost in them.

Whether it be social media, games, or texting people you know. You end up on it, busy for hours without even realizing it and then half the day has passed by (however, it is 2 PM as I write this).
You have to be mindful of your time, even as a blogger.

Blogging isn’t as simple as I expected it to be. Who knew it would be so hard at first
, or that there was more to writing about things you know than just typing on a keyboard and researching some things.
Here’s a simple list.
  • Promoting it.
  • Contacting Advertisers
  • Using social media to build a following
  • Learning SEO
  • Keywords
  • Figuring out Automated emails
  • Analytics to get seen on search engines
  • Get a following and keep them

There it is. A diary of the crazy new blogger. The busy mom who can’t handle it all alone. The sticky keys on the laptop keyboard from the toddlers snack. These are the things you’ve probably never heard from a blogger.

Or at the very least it is the thoughts that most-probably won’t admit out, pen, writing, journal

They do tell you the TRUTH though. That you can do this. If you believe
In yourself and just take the time, you will learn and you will get in the swing of things.
You will create a schedule that works for you and guess what?
We can learn to do this together I know it.

So if you are learning how to blog and want the truth that isn’t sugar coated
Then follow this blog and I will be teaching you as I learn. I will create a world
That is easy to follow even if you are pretty computer illiterate. Ask me questions and regardless if I don’t know the answers, I will do research until I figure it out. I can then
give you step by step directions to help you as well as myself. I am never too busy for my friends.
I am here for you as a reader and as my friend. Email me at any time and I
Respond quickly.

This is my post for the day and I wish you well.


6 thoughts on “Mommy’s Just Too Busy Today

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I’ve been blogging casually for the past year and have recently decided this year I am going to take it more seriously. Trying to find time to do everything I want to do and keep up with my personal responsibilities as a wife and mom is insanely hard. I am horrible at letting myself dive in head first with no real plan and getting distracted by the thousands of tiny tasks. Next thing I know I’m looking up and the whole day has passed. Every time I get on my laptop to work it’s like diving down the rabbit hole. I have been following advice from other bloggers I follow on Pinterest to help organize and control the creative outputs. My favorite techniques are Brain Dumping and using a weekly & monthly planner to schedule my posts and content. I’m in the process of trying out a new schedule I came up with that I think is more realistic and won’t leave me missing my family or having dishes and trash pile up all over my house. I followed your blog and I can’t wait to see what else you publish!

    1. I’d love to see what your daily plan is as well. I am still in the process of creating a schedule but it is insanely hard. I agree. I am thankful that you came across my blog post and if you’d like to chat with me, we can bounce ideas off one another.

  2. Thank you! I also find it hard to create balance with my blog and my family. I’m an overachiever so I want the blog to be perfect…that’s simply not possible if I also want to be present for my daughter and my husband. Lately I’m easing off my self-imposed deadlines so that I’m not sacrificing family time. It’s a challenge but I know I have to do it.

    1. I agree with that for sure. Balance is very hard to obtain. The biggest advice I can give is just do a little at a time and not try to be so perfect. Our kids need us mom’s. We fail to realize is that we need them just as much. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Its hard itsn’t it, its such a learning curve. I am a year in with two school age children and still struggling to promote and get to grips with the technical side. My boys are school age but I know there are times when I am totally lost in work not giving the enough attention. I also work doing my other self-employed work during school hours

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