Not Just Another Fragrance Mist!

Have you heard about the new fragrance mist by glade?


Bzz agent room fragrance mistIt’s not just any room spray! Glade atmosphere collection in sweet pea and pear has been a favorite ever since I got it from buzz agent to try for free! I’m not usually big on fragrance mists especially from Johnson and Johnson since all of their lawsuits for their products making people sick.

But I’m really digging this spray. It’s a light spray that reminds me of those bathroom mist spray systems because of the push plunger. You press and release the spray button and it continues to spray for like 3-5 seconds. It is not just a spritz and quit!

I received this product from Bzz Angent’s website as part of a campaign I am a part of. All of my trials of freebies I try are honest opinions of mine.

Bzz agent box with fragrance mist inside

If you haven’t heard of bzz agent you can sign up here.


Funny story.


When I opened the box

I wanted to smell it, so I did what any curious person would do. I spritzed it in the car. But omg the spray wouldn’t stop after that initial release and I was like oh snap! I broke it! Let me remind you that I was in the car! But then heaven hit and the fragrance covered up the smell of kids feet and stale french fries. I was sold! It is a good sized bottle too! The fragrance is amazing and it comes in four different ones. Sweet pee and pear, jasmine and cedarwood, patchouli and amber, and coconut and beach woods.


I have been keeping it in the bathroom for all of those moments where the kids aren’t so clean smelling. Plus it never fails that when I want to take a shower and I get the hot water going, one child in particular wants to go blow it up with her funk. I guess it’s just something about me wanting to get myself clean that has always helped others bowels move. She takes after my dad with that. So I need a fragrance spray in there with me.


Lovely thought ain’t it?


We have 3 bathrooms and yet everyone wants to use the one I am in. Why can’t dads go through this type of stuff?


I have a house that sometimes reeks of diapers and while most of the time I do cloth diaper (yes with 4 kids 5 and under it is possible) I do run out of my pretty diapers and have to fall back on spozies. It never fails that every single time I put my youngest in a disposable diaper that he is going to take the biggest dump and create the biggest poosplosion in his clothes. It’s always a huge mess up his back and front. I don’t know how something so small can smell so foul or create that much poop! Room fragrance mist by glade


Back to this review. I can’t complain with the free product though.. There have been things I have not liked, but most I have. I’ve been with bzz agent for a couple of years now and it’s been a fun experience and a wonderful journey of learning about new products.


Trying them out is the best part! Check out a coupon and try it yourself.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer or medical professional so please only read as informational/entertainment purposes. Check out my full disclaimer here.

Link to J&J Lawsuits


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