Pagan Easter Bunny?

Where exactly does the easter bunny come from?

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The Easter Bunny


You were probably a young child when you heard about Easter and the Easter bunny. Much like the tooth fairy, santa claus, and a bajillion other imaginative tall tales. Did you know that the Easter bunny has a true history?

Easter is national holiday. It is celebrated with eggs full of candy, and baskets of even more candy and junk toys. Adults/ Parents hide eggs out in the yard and the children search for them. If you are lucky, you may even find a dollar or two inside one of those plastic eggs.

Do you remember how the story came about to you?
How did you celebrate Easter? Did your family get together and search for eggs? Where you a kid who got to dye boiled chicken eggs and eat them later that day? Did you visit your local church or public gathering to hunt for those colorful eggs in the community? Sounds fun as a kid.

The Easter bunny has a deep history that really is quite unique.

I am sure as a kid you never thought about the fact of a rabbit hopping around dropping eggs for people to find. I mean come on, a rabbit has live offspring. They don’t even lay eggs! Where does this come from? Well, I am about to tell you..

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Let the story begin…

Germanic mythology tells a deep story. Ostara (the mother goddess) healed a wounded bird she found in the woods by changing it into a hare. Somehow the hare was still left partially as a bird. The hare showed its gratitude for being healed to the goddess by laying eggs as gifts.

This rabbit laid brightly colored eggs all over the land in which she would then give the eggs to the children as gifts.

Easter was derived from Eostre, the fertility goddess of spring. (Also known as Ostara) The bunny was her sacred animal which is deeply rooted to fertility since rabbits are able to reproduce a second litter even before the birth of the first litter. How crazy is that?

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Easter is a movable holiday.

This day is the first Sunday following the full moon after March Equinox.( Ostara marks this day as the first day as the first day that the light is equal to the dark.)

This holiday changes from year to year. It falls on April Fools day this year! April 1st 2018!

The goddess Ostara was always seen with her sacred hare, which depicted fertility in the spring, bringing forth the eggs representing new life and regrowth. You can even think of her like the queen of spring in a way.

Essentially Easter has Pagan roots.

Through most religions you will see an adaptation to each holiday most of us Americans tend to celebrate in a Christian way. No way is more right than the other. Do you know how the hare correlates to this holiday in your beliefs? Tell me in the comments.






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