Pregnancy And Infant Loss 

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I AM THE 1 IN 4!

I know what it’s like to encounter every day wishing I didn’t wake up. Also I know what it’s like to think about a divorce because my husband deserves to be a father, and knowing he would make a great dad made it all the worse. Pregnancy and infant loss is hard.

Feeling like my body failed me, and like it was somehow my fault because it was my body that couldn’t keep my babies safe.

It was my body that killed my babies. The babies I have tried to create for 6 years. The future children of ours that my body took from us. Oh the heartache. The photo above was borrowed from Facebook on a public page for infant loss.

I lost a baby in my 3rd-4th months in pregnancy. There are so many things you wonder. How tall would they be now? Would they have brown eyes or blue? What would their favorite color be and who would they look up to?

It’s a mess. I am a mess.

We will be lighting a candle at 7pm on October 15th in remembrance of my children whom I never got to raise. It will be photographed and put it on social media with the hashtag #Wave Of Light.

I want to pay respects to all of us broken mamas out there who need to know we are not alone.

Remember that losing your child isn’t your fault.

We all have to grasp at straws to place blame with this kind of hurt happens. Blaming yourself won’t bring your baby back. Use this unfortunate event to become stronger and speak out. Most people think it’s rare, but in reality it isn’t. The more we speak the more they know. The more we know. Remember that pregnancy and infant loss isn’t your fault.



We are not alone.

If you’d like to support Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week get your Fb profile photo here free.

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