Ready To Jump

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If you feel you are ready to jump, I feel ya.

It is a truly hard job being a mom. You see, most people do not believe that being a parent is a job. It’s just part of the life you chose and it’s just how things are. You know; because “you wanted it.”

It is mundane and hard. It is repetitive and boring. You suffer from lack of sleep, lack of energy, playing referee and all in all, it’s just the beginning of our new normal. It makes you just want to stand at that cliff and be ready to jump

The beginning of what we will have to deal with for years to come.

But while you feel like you are standing on the edge of that cliff; remember one thing. Deep down you really did want this. It does come with the territory of being called mom.

Kids bicker, they fight. But they also give you hugs and kisses as a child, and say I love you. Even at 8-12 they may even still say they need you.

Nobody who has kids are ever truly ready for that step. Even when they spend years on top of years trying for a family they aren’t really ready when those double lines show up on the test.

The idea of a family is wonderful and almost fairy tale like. In all actuality you aren’t prepared to hear any bad news or lose a baby during a pregnancy. You aren’t prepared for complications during labor, or your baby to stop breathing their first night home.

You really never are prepared 24-7 when that one diaper blowout happens in the middle of the craft store and guess who is covered in poop other than the baby? Life happens and don’t expect it to be perfect.

There will always be that cliff at the edge of your feet. You will have to remind yourself that it is worth it. Because it is. It really really is.

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