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Well by now there are probably thousands of ”how to start a blog” posts out there and I am still in the beginning phase of my own, so you may be thinking, “what have I got to offer that no one else does?” Well I have my experiences.

You see, everyone is unique to their own experiences and all journeys are going to be different.
What works for me may not for you, and what works for Captain Joe’s blog may not work for Cutie Suzie’s blog. It’s all on our own Niche’s and experience levels. Start a blog, it can be rough at first but I promise it gets better.

I have been writing for 4 years off an on and never for money, but more for the passing of time. I enjoyed the following is had, and I created a decent one. In the beginning I started with WordPress and I hated it.. loathed it. To me the learning curve was too much. So I switched to Blogger.

Now this is an awesome platform that is easy to manage, if you are just looking for something free to start with. Pasting code is smooth like butter, and just all around more simple. So, I decided I have written long enough to explain how to start a blog, and maybe I can help you too.


I was told by other bloggers that if I ever wanted to monetize, WordPress would be a better option, especially once you are self hosted. So that is what I chose to do. Self hosted means you “pay rent” to have your content running on their platform. This is a way to make sure you never lose your content.

If you run with a free platform then your chances of losing everything you have ever written is ten fold, plus you don’t get to customize your site like you want. If you want to start a blog, you will want to monetize from the start. That is a whole other post though.

So your first step to start a blog is to determine the platform you are going to use.


I use WordPress for this.  There is a difference in (free) and (paid)


Then you decide on which hosting site you want to use to help hold your data and give you the extra security that you need.


I use SiteGround. I also have an amazing discount link for those who are looking to pair WordPress and SiteGround for a cheaper option..”Here


It is best to also get you your own .com domain. This way you are looking professional, and your url that you attach all of your posts to are clean and tidy.


I use Godaddy mainly because I have run multiple businesses and needed domains for each of them. They have given me the best customer service and the ease of use when linking my blog to their domain.


So I guess step 1 should be to think of the domain name you want and check if it is available on Godaddy. Purchase it and then when you are ready to purchase your platform i.e SiteGround, you will be ready to set it all up.


Step 2, go to your hosting site and if you want WordPress, Siteground has a combining price that saves you a ton of money per year. They actually also have an option to create a domain for you as well.


Once you have that all set up and running, congratulations you just learned how to start a blog! You are now ready for your first blog post. A wise blogger once told me to write 2-5 posts and have them ready to publish when you go public with your blog. Nobody wants to visit an empty blog site.


My experience this has not been a breeze at all. Starting a blog was exciting, but the mechanics were rough. I was on blogger and had to switch over to WordPress. I had to download all my data and send it to WordPress. It was a mess, but the blogging community helped me in so many ways. SiteGround’s customer service is flipping amazing and not only will they help you, they also explain it to you for future reference. I’ve taken many notes from the chats I’ve had with them.

Tech is so not my thing. I am great with social media, but code and everything that comes with websites and data, I am outright lost. Not exactly how I wanted to start a blog but it did work out and I got it done in less than 2 hours.


There have been many times I have wanted to quit. I am 6 months into my professional blogging journey and I am still not monetizing my site. The one time I have actually tried, I linked my site to malware and become a porn site. 

I promise the objective of this post isn’t to scare you off.

Just the opposite. It is to educate you. This has happened to many and I don’t see many bloggers being 100% brutally honest because of course we all want you to succeed and not be scared off, but here I am not wanting you to feel alone in this either. If you mess up like me and lock up your site, while filling it with Asian porn, ask for help. Then just keep going strong. Start a blog. It is worth it.


We all make mistakes and we will learn from them. That is the name of the game. I enjoy blogging and someday it will click with monetizing my site and this will all be in the past. But until then, I hope to see no more porn on my site ha ha.


If you are already blogging, drop a comment as to what has been the hardest thing for you? How did you overcome it?



8 thoughts on “Start A Blog, The How To Guide

  1. Great Post! I’m in my 2nd month blogging. While I think my content is really good and I have a lot of it,, the hardest thing for me is feeling like I constantly need to “tweak” the look and design. Knowing when to leave well enough alone is tough. I’m always looking at other themes and its maddening! Thanks for the article.

    1. I have been blogging off and on for a few years and I’m still struggling with this. Thank you for your time. You are right about leaving things be. I thought just the last day or so to change my theme because I was bored of it. You bet I am going back to it because I’m not happy with my current theme. It just doesn’t do what I need to. So now guess what? I have to redo all of the custom stuff I had set up. Yaye me. Blog life lesson #2. Hope you’re having a great day and good luck to you and your blog.

    1. Thank you so much. I know how hard it was for me in the beginning (even now with some things) so I really want to save newbies the headache of wondering where to begin. I named the things that I use but there are many of them out there. Research is key. Have an amazing day.

    1. I hope it really helped. I wanted to share what I went through so others know that it is possible for things to feel so overwhelming but you can’t get through it fairly easily. I felt so dumb a few times but it has gotten so much better and youtube has been a big help too.

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate the compliment. I try to write as if I am talking to my friends because life without good communication with friends doesn’t amount to much. I want to get to know all of my readers and I sure hope to.

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