Teething Tablet Dangers

teething, teething tabs, danger

Do you know the teething tablet dangers?


I’ve used them, you’ve probably used them. Heck most people are told to try them. However, just because they are natural “homeopathic” doesn’t always mean safe. There are teething tablet dangers that greatly outweigh the benefit.

There are many other ways to naturally relieve teething pain. teething, teething tabs, danger

Furthermore, I understand Hylands statements are from a qualified source. What they say makes it sound safe to use.

However, I still have this nagging knot in my stomach about the use of Belladonna (also known as DEADLY NIGHTSHADE) in any amount. There are many sources that peg it as a deadly plant with roots,berries, flowers, and stalks all poisonous to humans. As you see above Belladonna 12x HPUS. All I’ve read is 2-3 berries can be toxic to children and even adults. What about our little babies they we grew in our bodies for 9 months? We cut out caffeine and other things that are considered bad for them. Why would you knowingly give your teething infant a poison that could potentially harm them?


6 berries was all it took for a grown woman. It caused anticholinergenic syndrome.

Now I am no doctor but I do have common sense, and it tells me not to give a helpless baby that can’t even eat foods, a poison. 


In addition to the fact that it essentially blocks important nerve receptors in the brain, and studies show that different people react differently to Belladonna. How do we know that a supposedly safe natural teething tablet won’t react bad with your precious little bundle of joy.

The FDA states that “any teething tablets in your possession should be thrown away.”

Consequently, there isn’t enough proper studies done on this medication. It hasn’t been proven safe and effective. Do you want your baby to be a guinea pig? I know I don’t. Stay safe out there and if you use this Homeopathic remedy, please be very observant and try your best not to give it to your baby at night. Who’s to say this can’t be a silent cause of some SIDS deaths. 

*EDITED* Baby Orajel Naturals is also homeopathic and is Belladonna free!!!

Organic Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and how they work will be added soon for another natural approach.

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