Is The Vero App A Must Or A Bust?

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What makes the Vero app a must or a bust?



So I am new to the Vero app and I am not affiliated with it in any way, so I am no expert by any means, however I do love me some

social media, and apps on the phone are 98% of how I am social with folks. I’ve decided to download it and try it out and let my readers know what I think through usage.

So is the Vero app a must or a bust? I am curious to what you think as well.

This app can be the new Instagram. No algorithms as of yet,

no ads, AND free sign up for the first 1 million users. I am no good at twitter.

Facebook has annoyed me with their policies. Instagram is okay.

Now there have been some rumors already going on about the T&C of the app.

That it can use, and modify “steal” your content, however that isn’t the case.

The thing is us normal folks don’t understand the legal technical jargon so it sounds worse than it is.


Legally they have to say that for you to post your content on their application.

You are granting them to showcase your photos, videos, links, and ultimately your life on

their platform. So you can’t sue them for you posting your own content on the app.

Other applications have similar terms and conditions as well.

Just check out Facebook for example Facebook Terms.

So here is the Terms for Vero.

Very similar.
Both of which you own your content. So no worries on Vero being an app that steals your info.

They will use your info just as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..etc.

After about 3 days of using the app I have noticed the kinks have slowly worked out.

I have posted a few posts and I am able to recommend books and movies

which I haven’t seen on other apps. Not to say it isn’t there but I haven’t seen it.

The ease of access is high quality to me. I am starting fresh and with a small amount of users.

I see less people trying to sell MLM stuff. What is MLM? Check out my post here.

Now I am not knocking MLM businesses as I have my own (check it out here),

but I don’t like to be sold to. I do not conduct my business like a car salesman,

and I will not hound others for a pity sale. I see that so much on other social sites.

Not a day goes by I don’t get added to about 10 groups from people selling their products.

IF I wanted to be added to these groups I would have asked, but that’s a vent for another post.

There are no folders on the Vero app, there are no groups on this app. It functions a lot like Instagram

but with higher quality photos and no ads.

The Vero app is it a must or a bust?


PROS: No Ads                                                   CONS: Glitchy

Recommendations                                                    Not much is known about the app

No people flooding a timeline with sales            No albums for photos

Photo resolution isn’t jeopardized                 Followers posts are together with yours
UNDECIDED:  No Groups – depending on your reason to be on the app, this may be a con.    4707-vero

Info on the app..

It has been around since 2015. It is only just taking off now. But why?

I’ll touch more on that in another post.

Will you be joining the crowd?

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