Ways You Shouldn’t Treat Your Child

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Sometimes a child is born into a family that is way too busy to be noticed. Said child is necessitating love and attention.

As a child feeling abandoned and insecure in life. She gets beat up and talked down on. Phrases like “you little bitch” resonate in her mind into her adult years, and feeling worthless is one of the many characteristics left behind from the years of emotional abuse. Then there’s the insecurity of can she be a good mother to her child or children? Who know’s right? I mean come on, you know she lived in a household being called stupid and a little bitch, how could she be a good mom?

  • It is an inundating feeling to suppress daily. Remind herself that her very own kids whom she swore she would never treat how she was treated will see the ugly broken side of her someday.


How can you say one will get better? That is a broad statement, because how could you know that you aren’t going to become what you hate? How can you change what is buried deep inside, and bred into you very own dna (thanks mom)? I do not know if it is possible. Can you be a broken child that grows up into a functional stable minded adult?

Borderline Personality Disorder is a result of how you are treated as a child. It is very critical to how an adult interacts with peers.

You can also see how it affects teens in school. When they are becoming a bully or even becoming violent, this is when you should begin to worry. You can’t just let it go on and not make a change. Your child needs you.

When are you going to take a stand? Wherever will you turn to get help?
There are tons of resources I will provide in another post specifically on BPD. You will become a better parent once you do a little research. Parenting doesn’t come with instructions. How great would that be?

Think of your child like a delicate flower. It is beautiful but can be easily damaged.

Parenting is hard. Nobody said it was easy. When you reach for your last cup of coffee, and your child runs by and knocks it over, try to remember that accidents do happen, and the coffee can be replaced. Your children’s self worth can not.¬†


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical background. Please take this as informational only and talk with a Medical Doctor if you experience changes in your personality or feelings. Full disclaimer here.

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