Why Your Makeup Is Scarier Than Tyra Banks.

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If there was ever a time in your life when you looked into makeup and wanted to learn how to use it, then you need to really know what goes into making your makeup. What can it do to your health?

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5 Reasons Your Makeup Is Scarier Than Tyra Banks And How Can You Fix It?


  1. Unless you are going animal and cruelty free then you are getting makeup that is used on animals. This is to test their safety and effectiveness, and lasting wear capabilities. I don’t know about you, but I am not one who wants to put lipstick on my dog to see if it has an allergy before me. If I am the one who wants to wear the shit then I need to be the one responsible enough to take the chance of wearing it.

        Where do I find cruelty free makeup?

I am not a sales rep for Younique but I do know about them and their mission. I fully support it. A good friend of mine on social media            is a consultant. Diana can hook you up and educate you on the products further. Here’s her website.


  1.  Some makeup is actually made with animal fecal matter. (this means poop) If you are buying name brand makeup at a crazy discount then more than likely you are getting a knockoff. These products are full of human and animal waste used as a filler. This makes the makeup go farther in production, but it can cost you. If you are prone to acne or use something near your eyes, you can end up with some nasty infections.


         How do I know if my makeup is legit?

Do not buy from a non accredited source. Amazon and eBay do not count as accredited due to the fact that any individual can go                   through them and sell anything.

  1. Staying on the topic of what some products are made with. Beauty products can include crushed red beetles, fish scales, bull sperm, poop (as mentioned above), and animal fat from dead animals. That’s just a few on the list. I could easily find more. However, most are safe for you to use.

        How do I find out if it is in my makeup? 

Look at the ingredients and google each ingredient listed. Look at what each ingredient does to your hormones and the environment.

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  1. You will look like the crypt keeper on tales from the crypt (showing my age much?).
    Most makeup have alcohols and fragrances along with other things that dehydrate your skin. While it may look pretty while you are wearing it, it is aging your skin. With excessive use you’ll end up looking 10 or more years older in just a few years time.


        What can I do about my skin health?

Find products that are made with a natural moisturizer. Find you some organic night creams and/ or day creams to help you keep your             facial ph levels at an acceptable level.


5.  Makeup can make you sick. Even though I know friends may love your makeup, NEVER share it with anyone else. Throw it out after a              few months of use. Makeup harbors bacteria, and you definitely do not want to be using something full of bacteria near your mouth              or eyes. Serious infections and stomach upset can be a negative health factor as a result of your beauty routine with old makeup.

    What is in my makeup?

It has been found in a few studies where e coli was found in mascara and eyeliner due to it being stored in ones bathroom. Think of when      you flush the toilet and don’t close the lid. Every bacteria in that toilet is now dispersing into the air and landing on EVERYTHING in that          bathroom. Don’t forget to disinfect or replace your makeup brushes and accessories as well.


Some related facts:

Who knew that the average woman applies more than 500 chemicals to her body every day during her beauty routine. This comes from a study conducted by Bionsen – a natural deodorant company in the UK.

Secondly, It only takes 7 seconds for your skin to absorb the chemicals you apply on your body.

Research by the University of California, Berkeley, found that lipsticks could contain as many as nine different metals. News.com.au reported.

The study suggested that a lipstick used twice a day, provides more than 20 percent of a person’s acceptable daily intake (ADI) for aluminium, cadmium and manganese, while some exceeded the ADI for chromium – a metal that has been linked to stomach tumors.


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Did you know it is now known that parabens are toxic? These are synthetic

preservatives in everything from toothpaste to shampoo. Also they alter the hormone

estrogen, which raises concerns over a link to breast cancer and fertility issues.


Chandra Bhushan, CSE deputy director general, feels that the cosmetic industry in India lacks proper rules and regulations.

‘What is coming out very clearly is that this sector has extremely weak regulations and almost no enforcement of whatever laws that exist,’ said Bhushan in the statement.

CSE has approached companies who use these heavy elements. The companies claim that the use of these elements is unavoidable because they are a part of the ingredients. They also feel that their products are safe for long-term use. Regardless, they just state it is their opinion (Keyword FEEL)

The easiest way to protect yourself and your health from toxic chemicals is to switch to reliable organic brands while doing a little research yourself. 







Disclaimer: I am no doctor so take this as an informational opinion, please consult your dr for any medical advice. Full disclaimer here.

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