You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

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                                You’re never fully dressed without a smile.


Wow, that line was of a song in a school play I was part of in public school. It was my 1st grade class. The nostalgia of that memory. I can remember it very well too. I was in a big, ugly, and PINK floral fluffy dress (I hated dresses). Secondly, my hair was cut really short like a boy bob and I was literally the shortest kid on stage. (I have always been the smallest kid in class, and I got picked on for it a lot too)


My smile was about as crooked as all get out. I had the opportunity to get braces when I was 8, but when I was still in public school I saw what happened to Kristy Sapparita. Pretty white girl, kind of uppity in nature, snotty, snobby, but she was sweet-natured for the most part. The same day she got braces, a little black boy named Carlos (he was mean in my class and got me in trouble a few times) punched her in the mouth and her upper lip got stuck to her braces. I was made to sit beside this kid in class everyday regardless if I liked him or not. If he got me into trouble then so be it. The teacher didn’t care.  

Well back to the braces. It took a good 10-15 minutes to get her lip unstuck and it was LOTS of blood involved. Basically she ended up having to pull a chunk of her inside lip off to get the braces free of her lip. This is why I declined braces when my mom offered me the chance.

I was afraid of being another Kristy Sapparita.

kid punched

Who was I to be scared to death of the pain and blood, and getting hit in the mouth? I already got picked on for being short, for my feet being small. Even for my haircut, and my name. Believe it or not I didn’t get the smelly Kelly jokes. Even though I must have stunk for I lived in a house full of smokers and that is a smell as an adult I can’t breathe around.


So up until the 5th grade I took this abuse with a smile, and then my mom finally home schooled me. I felt free and happy. Finally I can do my school without the other kids making fun. Finally I can do my work without the kid beside me distracting me and trying to get me into trouble. I mean in the 4th grade I actually asked to sit at the front of the class by the teacher so I could actually do my work.  Wasn’t a nerd or anything but kids preyed on me because I was the smallest kid in the class.


I started acting out in the 5th grade because I would get in trouble with my math teacher.


As a kid in school I was extremely behind in my work because I just didn’t understand it and every time I asked for help she would never acknowledge my hand being raised so I quit trying. Feeling stupid and I wasn’t getting help.

One time after I asked for help and she put me on display. Teacher says”, Get up to the board and figure it out for the class.” Well I didn’t understand the problem, so how was I going to figure it out? I just stood up there humiliated, feeling stupid on display. In elementary school I just quit trying. I was alone, and I started to get into trouble in school and eventually started skipping school and walking out at only 10 years old. (This proves that children aren’t the only bullies in school)


Yes many could say I just needed an ass whooping, yeah I got those too. However, they aren’t going to work if the problem behind why I was acting out wasn’t getting solved. So my mom pulled me out of public school, and bam, I was a whole different kid. Ok, wow, sorry that is a whole other blog post about my decision to home school.


So here I am at 30 years old just now going to fix my crooked smile. It’s never too late right? I saw an ad on Pinterest I believe about Smile Direct Club. I had checked them out before. So I ended up paying for the impression kit ( it is free if you go to an orthodontist with smile direct to have the impressions done) and I was on my way. Had a hiccup in the road with shipping but that was very minute and quickly resolved. I always got a quick response back when I emailed customer service and I even got a smaller size mouth impression guard since my mouth is smaller than most I feel.



 I was approved for invisible aligners and this is part of a new journey for me, and I am excited! My teeth aren’t as crooked and not fixable as I once believed. I even got a discount code for you if you want to try it out too.  Click HERE.

green smile


It has been a pretty neat journey so far and I do plan to show my progress  and once I am able to tell a difference i’ll even share photos.

DISCLAIMER: I can earn a small percent if you do the impressions and choose to buy the aligners, but this is no extra cost to you. I figured I am going on this journey and I want to share it. Why not try to earn something from it as well? Though I am not dentist nor a Dr in any way, so be sure to do your research and talk to your dentist. My full disclosure is here.

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    1. Thank you. Bullies are everywhere but the thing was I stayed so busy that I didn’t give it time for it to eat at me like kids to these days. I got my fare share of being bullied at home as well. It was a normal occurrence for me so I just thought it was normal. It wasn’t u til I got older that I realized how much crap I actually went through and how it really affected me.

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