You’re Nuts For Homeschooling

Yeah yeah I get it. Homeschooling has a stigma.


People who aren’t used to the home school life believe if their kids don’t go to public school, they will not be smart enough, nor social enough to get into college. This is 90% unrealistic. I mean I was a hermit and unsociable even in public school. This is why homeschooling was for me.

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Because of my personality and inability to handle certain situations. I was eventually taken out of public school and home schooled. Where I was failing in public school and felt as if I were drowning, I thrived in home school. I was getting straight F’s in public school, quit doing homework, fighting with the principal, and skipping school at just 10 years old. I thrived and made straight A’s in home school. Not because it was easier, but because I was finally being listened to.


I was able to work on something until I actually understood it and not pushed forward to the next step before I was ready.



This is why I have FINALLY talked my husband into me homeschooling our soon to be kindergartners. He was not even ok with the word home school at first. First it was they will go to a Christian private school. Then it was just any private school. We then talked about how I felt about home school and he then was OK with someone else homeschooling our kids. I was semi OK with it but why pay a house payment to get my kids an education when I can better cater to my kids emotional and knowledge skills myself?

I worked daycare, and taught 2 year old’s ABC’s, colors,shapes and took early childhood development classes. Why would I not be enough for my kids?


I’m not too stupid. So why he didn’t believe in me? Well things in life happen and the homeschooling has fallen into my hands. He is scared I won’t be able to handle it or I won’t stick with it. How do you not stick with school? I’m not sure on that one. With home school there are less sick days. There are more field trips.There are shorter subject study times. More one on one time. School is just more fun. Kids get to be kids in home school. My kids ask me to “play” school. They don’t think of it as learning but they do learn. That’s the beauty of it. It’s learning through play. I don’t want my kids to grow to hate school like I did, and I really hated it. Hense all the trouble I was at only 10 years old.


Trust me, I got my ass beat for skipping school. I walked away from school many times and I was in deep shit with my mother, but she did get down to the nitty-gritty on why I was acting out in only 5th grade.

This is why I was home schooled the following year for the 6th grade. She used Alpha and Omega curriculum and at one point Lifepac. As a student. We liked Lifepac due to being able to work it on the computer, however I was very lazy and I rather do other things on the computer so at the end of the year, my mother asked if I wanted to continue that and I said no. I did pass my grade but barely. I did not want to fail because I was too busy emailing friends and in chatrooms playing around instead of doing actual schoolwork.

The first year my mother used alpha and omega and it was the christian version and because I had never been in church or even learned about Jesus stuff at all I didn’t like it. It was all too christian for my preference. We decided on a secular curriculum the following years. So this is why I have decided on my curriculum for my new kindergartners. I am not 100% on it at the moment. I have purchased it but I am going to teach and see how well my girls perform with it. We have decided ABC Mouse for our preschool needs and Timberdoodle for the academics. We will see how it goes in September. If any of you have any tips, be sure to drop them in the comments please. I would love to hear your experience.


Disclaimer: I am not a professional nor do I have any school affiliation nor public teaching experience other than daycare teaching. See my full  disclosure here.

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